Ways of Getting AIDS


History of AIDS
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Ways of Getting AIDS
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There are many ways of getting AIDS from people. Not only just by having sex. But yes that is a way. one way is...

1) Receiving Blood Transfusions: If a person loses to much blood or doesn't have enough of it, and they need some blood they get a transfusions. Now sometimes the blood is clean and it's not infected, but then there always some that just pass for clean but is infected. If you receive the bad blood it's a good possibility that you could receive AIDS.

2) Needle Sharing: The Use of IV's: Drug users sometimes use IV's to inject drugs into their body. Sometimes they share needles with each other because they can't afford to buy their own. But sharing needles is another major way of getting the AIDS disease. Sharing needles is a very risky thing and should be avoided at all cause.

President Clinton and his cabinet could have legalized clean needles, but didn't wanna spend federal money on this program. They thought more research was needed for it.

3) Having Sex with an Infected Partner: If you have sexual intercourse with a person the has the AIDS or HIV disease there is a huge possibility that you could also get any one of these. It usually starts out with HIV first though. Then the HIV virus may or may not turn into AIDS.